Similar to the evolution of human surgery, laparoscopy is the way of the future for pets because it provides a safer surgery, as well as a diminished level of pain. Many laparoscopic procedures can be performed through dime-sized incisions. The organs viewed via a state-of-the-art camera system are then manipulated with instruments passed through the ports in the laparoscope. The “single port” is now used around the world.

Laparoscopy is used extensively in human medicine, but it is still somewhat rare in veterinary surgeries. We advocate the use of laparoscopy for its many benefits:

1. Reduced tissue trauma
2. Less risk of infections and complications
3. More rapid recovery
4. Shorter hospitalization, allowing the pet to return home sooner
5. Decreased pain
6. Veterinarian technicians consistently report that laparoscopic patients rest more comfortably after surgery than patients with traditional surgery.